Course curriculum

  • 2

    Pollution Sources

    • Regulation of river pollution

    • Domestic and industrial polllution

    • Agricultural pollution

    • Pollution from stormwater

  • 3

    Preventing and fixing the problem

    • Preventing river pollution

    • Fixing River Pollution

    • Giving regulators authority

    • Making regulators accountable

  • 4

    The cost of clean rivers

    • Driving down the cost

    • Inclusive strategies: Advisory committees

    • Flexible strategies

    • Regulatory nightmares

  • 5

    Raising money for pollution control

    • Raising money

    • Rules you should observe when you're raising money

    • Do not disguise any tax of fee imposed to clean up a river

    • Change behavior while raising money

  • 6

    Clean rivers financial agenda

    • One big money basket

    • The financial agenda

    • Dedicated revenue streams

    • The use of dedicated revenue streams as collateral

  • 7

    Good science and good economics

    • Cost/benefit analysis

    • Good Science & Economics

    • The polluter pays

    • Inflation - Do it now!

  • 8

    Financial Mechanisms

    • How to get the money to the river

    • Grants

    • Loans!

    • Financial Guaranties

  • 9

    Subsidies and evaluating need

    • Evaluating need

    • Subsidies

    • Targeted subsidies (1)

    • Targeted subsidies (2)

  • 10

    Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

    • Leverage!

    • Interest rates

    • Length of Loan Term

    • The Last Lesson



Michael Curley

Michael Curley is a lawyer and a Visiting Scholar at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, D.C. He writes books about environmental law and finance and has taught at the Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University and the Vermont Law School. In 2018-19, he provided the Environmental Commentary on Maryland's public radio station, WYPR. He has worked in government, as the CEO of a state agency in New York and for a Member of Congress in Washington. Michael has worked in 42 countries and has built clean water and basic sanitation systems in Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador. And when he's not doing that, he's writing novels and short stories. His author page is at: